Contract Screen Printing

  • Custom T-shirts and apparel printing

  • Foil Printing

  • Plastisol, Soft Hand, & Water base Screen Printing

  • Metallic Screen Printing

  • Glitter Screen Printing

  • Neon and Glow in the dark Screen Printing

  • Custom Tag Printing




Art Requirements

  • Acceptable Formats: We strongly prefer Adobe Photoshop for Raster/Photographic Work (.psd) and Adobe Illustrator for Vector Work: Adobe Illustrator (.ai). However, we can also work with .PDF (via Photoshop or Illustrator) and Postscript (.eps) formats.

    • NOTE: For vector art, text MUST be converted to outlines (the text then becomes an ‘object’, so is no longer editable. This ensures font/type replacement DOES NOT take place).

  • Art Size & Resolution. Final files need to be provided at final print size, at a MINIMUM of 300 DPI (dots per inch). Files with higher DPI will have a greater file size but allow for better printing. Please provide the expected final print dimensions and placement with the file (i.e. 12” front or 3.5” front left chest). This is a vital piece of information to ensure accurate printing.

  • PMS Colors. Specify preferred PMS colors for your design to ensure the final print is as accurate and close to the original design/file. The PMS Solid Coated color guide is a good foundation for color/ink selection.

  • Garment Specs. Providing the style, color, and fabric/material of the blank goods for your design will aid us in making accurate mockups, screens, and prints. Providing image files of blank goods (which are often available from vendor/manufacturer website) are a GREAT help.

  • Mockup/File Proof. Prior to going to press, we provide clients with an electronic proof for approval. It will include your design on blank goods (scaled to size), showing placement, actual art size, and selected ink/PMS colors. Please review for correct size, placement and accuracy in the art (i.e. spelling, errors in the art file, punctuation, etc.) and inform us ASAP of any corrections needed. Timely approval - and accuracy - in this phase allows your job to not only stay ON SCHEDULE, but AVOID incurring additional expenses later on making new screens, etc.

  • Printed Proof - Digital Photo Approval. As a final proofing step, a photo of a printed sample on fabric (ie. your actual goods) will be digitally sent to you for FINAL APPROVAL prior to running your job. This is the opportunity to make any FINAL on-press changes (i.e. ink color, for example) BEFORE full production proceeds. A fast response here allows us to stay ON TIME and complete your design as intended.

Following the above guidelines allow us to make accurate mockups, screens, and most importantly, a successful design on your selected apparel. If you have questions regarding art requirements, including: formatting, resolution & sizing, color selection, garments, or the proofing process, feel free to reach out to us. 


Screen Print Services:

Paxton Tatum 615-782-0225 ext. 53 (Customer Service & Quotes)

Randy Sloss 615-782-0225 ext. 52 (Production)