Williams & Associates provides high quality in-house embroidery and digitizing services at affordable pricing. We offer custom embroidery services on a variety of apparel including polo shirts, tee shirts, dress shirts, denim shirts, sweatshirts, pants, shorts, caps, bags and more.

Our 38 Tajima print heads allow us to turn any size job effectively and efficiently. With our Pulse Imaging software, we can scan in your logo or design and host it in the cloud to access at any time for future runs, ensuring consistency and quality on reorders.

Pricing variables include run quantity, image size, number of imprints, and stitch count. Contact us with the details of your next project and we’ll be happy to provide a custom quote.



Art Files. Digitizing is the process of creating an embroidery stitch file from text or graphic art. To run a job on our Tajima embroidery machines, we require DST (Digital Stitch Tajima) files. If you do not have a DST file, we can offer digitization services at competitive prices. Digitization is a one-time charge; the same file can be used for all subsequent orders provided there are no changes to the artwork. To have a file digitized, please provide the following:

  • Acceptable Formats. We prefer vector files (.ai or .eps) for embroidery, but we are able to work with .psd, .pdf and .jpg


  • Art Size & Resolution. Final files need to be provided at final print size, at a MINIMUM of 300 DPI (dots per inch).  Files with higher DPI will have a greater file size but allow for better digitizing.  Sending the desired dimensions and placement will provide a more accurate quote/stitch count, as well as a faster digitizing time.


  • PMS Colors. Please specify PMS colors for your design to ensure the final print is as accurate and close to the original design/file.  We also have a large selection of colors to pick from if the desired PMS color is not available.


  • Garment Specs. Providing the style and fabric/material of the blank goods will assure that digitizing is appropriate for the order.


  • Digital Proof. Prior to going to press, we provide clients with an electronic proof for approval.  Please review for accuracy in the art (i.e. spelling, errors in the art file, punctuation, etc.) and inform us ASAP of any corrections needed.  Timely approval - and accuracy - in this phase allows your job to not only stay ON SCHEDULE, but AVOID incurring additional expenses later on.


Embroidery Services:

Timmy Griggs 615-782-0225 ext. 31 (Customer Service & Quotes)

Nick Miller 615-782-0225 ext. 30 (Production)